Top 3 Makeup Brands To Have In 2020

Beauty and fashion are indeed God’s true gift to the feminine gender, and this can not be negotiated. Can you recall the first time you had to wear a dinner gown? Even when it wasn’t for the sole purpose of eating out late in a fancy restaurant with a new crush, it was a dinner gown. The priceless smile you had when you had your first highlighter touch. Well, if you can’t, I remember mine clearly and still smile any time I recall these events.

Ever wonder why top makeup brands in the world today pay so much attention to details when manufacturing their products? This is because there is a daily increase in demand for quality products in the fashion industry and makeup production hasn’t been left out. If you are an information seeker like me, you’d have checked out all the top makeup artists on YouTube. This is because of your passion to be the best at the way you look. Well, today we’ll be looking at our list of top 3 makeup brands to stock your kit with in 2020.

Laura Geller

The Laura Geller makeup brand is the official brand name of the NYC makeup artists who promptly airs on QVC. If you’ve been a lover for good and quality makeup brands, tales of Laura Geller would have gotten to you. Laura geller makeup brand steers up long-lasting conversations for weeks on social media. The makeup line often gets tons of questions and reviews from women across the globe looking to get an overview of the beauty products. We’ll briefly discuss a few pros and benefits of some of her products.

Laura Geller

The Laura geller brush is a unique product common among ladies who know their brushes well enough to identify quality. The brushes provided by this brand make applying your makeup go smooth like the brush was made for your face. Every Laura geller brush comes with a skin-friendly technology that works with all skins. Laura geller foundation is a masterpiece of the brand that gets enough spotlight on QVC. The varying foundation type has been known to meet all skin types perfectly well.

Now here goes my favorite product of the famous brand; the Laura geller spackle. This product is popular for its unique hydrating moisturizing formula known to keep your skin in perfect shape. The Laura Geller spackle products leave you with a finishing touch enhancing the makeup application and make it pop.


Oh, Julep! How I’m constantly in love with my Julep makeup! This makeup brand is yet another captivating merchandise which has got a mansion in my heart. You do not mention the top makeup brush sets and leave out any of the Julep brushes. This is because of the high-end technology used in producing these brushes. Also, the list of top makeup foundation would not be complete without a Julep in it.


Social media must be filled with lots of Julep makeup reviews seeing as the brand gets a thumbs up from most ladies. Folks often get to ask me questions like; where to buy Julep makeup? My answer remains as simple as always; “Everywhere in Anywhere”. The Julep makeup is available in both offline and online stores for purchase anytime. Join the list of women with the top makeup burst sets today. Get a Julep!


The last but definitely not the least is the LovelySkin makeup brand. As the name implies, products manufactured by this makeup brand are skin customized. This way you do not have to get all worked up over the effect of the product on your skin. Because the brand is generally a skincare one, its products are skin-friendly and accommodating. Top makeup YouTubers constantly vlog about LovelySkin products showcasing the release of its new features.

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LovelySkin brushes are also rated amongst the top makeup brushes used with elegant and fashionable ladies. The high-demand foundation formula of any LovelySkin foundation hits the market really hard weekly. I’ve got these few friends who have seized using other foundation brands ever since they tried that.

These three top brands are our token to ladies who have decided to take their makeup artistry to the next level this year. If you do not know, looking good requires that you get valid information like this to spice up your look. Check out these brands today and step into a new chapter of glowing and looking dope!