The New Spring Formal

Every year, as the seasons change, so does the desire to reinvent ourselves comes calling. After all, it is the nature of people to want to change and grow, much like the flowers do in the spring.

In terms of fashion, it could be as simple as finally getting to make choices that the younger version of yourself might have always dreamt of becoming. Maybe, this year is the year that you stop following the trend and start setting it.

Whatever it is that you choose to express this year through your fashion, make it authentically you. And if you’re looking for a few style inspirations, here are some of our favourite daring dos to don.

Chic-ly Classic

There are some looks that will never go out of fashion and if your try into style this time around is to go for something a little more sophisticated, this look is just the thing for you. Nothing beats a look that cinches at the waist and flares more out at the bottom, as that is quite a universally flattering shape.

Try a more of a textured, though still modest print on top, like with this casual, polka-dotted white blouse that can be tied right where it hits your waistline. Resist the urge to tuck it in and wear this black, pleated skirt beneath. Wearing it in this fashion will create the illusion of a “French tuck” that will keep your comfortable yet still stylish, no matter the events of that day.

Spring of Colour

Is there anything more daring than trying out a brighter pop of colour? Now, yes, it can be quite a struggle to veer away from the safety of neutral tones, but what better time is there to experiment with brighter hues than during the springtime? Be at one with nature and let your best self just… blossom.

Now, to make a colourful look stand out, you must still style this look in a way that it is cohesive. You could try to colour-block, if that is more what you’re going for, or you could simply pick out a colour palette that works together.

Like this ensemble, for example: a bright pair of leggings with orange and blue, paired with a striped white and blue top as well. The blue meshes well together, making it look like a complete outfit, and the prints are both not quite too bold to clash but just enough to make a statement. The silhouette of the two also pair well together, thanks to the formfitting nature of the leggings, but also the more relaxed and loose form that the top takes.

Experimenting with different, brightly coloured pieces that work well for your skin tone and body type will have you feeling like a brand new person in no time.

You’re All Set

When you sport a coord, it takes the guesswork out and you know that this is a look that will not only match but also make a statement. After all, it is these kinds of pieces that make fashion a real work of art.

“Coords” are separate sets of clothing like tops and bottoms but when worn together, all make one cohesive outfit. This boho-inspired piece, for one, will make you look effortlessly put together and as if you’d planned the whole ensemble for ages but really, it just came together this way. It is inspired and classy in a way that will have you feeling elevated and renewed—almost thinking “why didn’t I think of doing this sooner?”


Experimenting with fashion and the pieces that we select is just one of the many different ways that we come to reinvent ourselves in this lifetime. And in one lifetime, we can become many with just a few simple changes. Change your life with one unique selection at a time and see the kind of new and improved version of yourself that you become.