Tips For Picking The Right Outfit

Pick and Mix Your Closet: Choosing Your Outfit for the Day


When you’re getting ready for the day, what is it that you think about when it comes to your wardrobe choices? Do you consider who it is you’re going to be seeing, who might be seeing you, what the weather will be like, or what you’re doing? Or are you the type to just grab the first thing that catches your eye?

The outfit you pick each morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so it’s an important choice that you have to make! Your clothes don’t only show your sense of style – they are the first presentation of yourself as an individual to the rest of the world. Don’t we all make assumptions about what a stranger might be like based on their appearance?

Clearly it’s worth putting in a little more effort to make sure we’re creating the right impression.

Not only that, but it’s also vitally important to make sure that your clothes are suitable for the day that lies ahead – we’ve all had that nightmare situation of realising too late that we should have worn something else in our closet! When choosing your outfit, there are some key points that you ought to consider before you make your choice for the day.

Check these tips to make sure you have the right outfit for the occasion.

Whatever the Weather

When it comes to selecting clothing for the day, one of the things that most people forget about considering is the weather. For example, take the changing seasons.

At the start of spring, the changeable weather can be difficult to dress for. Versatile pieces like this button detail wrap blouse are ideal when you can’t tell in the morning what the weather will be doing by afternoon! Something versatile like this where it remains both casual or sophisticated depending on how you accessorise it can make sure that you’re stylish for the rest of your day.

You can layer this over a long-sleeved T-shirt or a tank-top, or wear it on its own in better weather. Its cotton blend fabric is breathable but extremely cosy.

Ditto on this perfect classic white cotton shirt: throw it over a simple, tried-and-tested T-shirt or wear it as it is as a blouse. It will suit a day in the park just as much as it would a day in the office.

If you need a warmer piece, this cardigan’s mix of classic navy Breton stripes and bright yellow color-blocks will be a striking addition to a wintery outfit.

On the Occasional Occasion

It can be hard to dress for a more formal occasion without being dowdy or dull. You don’t want to look overdressed but you still want to appear as though you took time and effort into making sure you fit the profile of someone who was definitely invited and absolutely belongs here.

When choosing special pieces that are for specific occasions, choose based on a style that will flatter and fit into several kinds of settings. The right dress can work with anything but no dress can work for everything, after all.

Take this outfit, for example. The longer skirt and sleeves on this 50s-style belted dress make it elegant and suitable for a smarter occasion, but its modern take on a floral print keeps it pretty and fun. Its classic, flattering cut would also suit any body shape, making it great for when you also need something to loan a relative or a friend.

And they do say, if in doubt wear black! The standard is that every woman needs to have a little black dress (LBD) in her closet as a LBD is absolutely perfect for any occasion: office, party, or date. The oversized waist tie on this particular piece, for example, brings a bit of flair to its classic elegance. 

If you prefer to wear pants to formal occasions, more power to you as the rise of the power suit comes into fashion. And, you can pair them with this super-stylish black puff-sleeve blouse. Its dramatic shoulders and neckline make for a sophisticated, high-fashion look that is both still chic and eye-catching.

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Don’t let your love of fashion get in the way of your to-do list!

When selecting an outfit, it may be prudent to be mindful of the day’s agenda. You’d do well not to wear a tight-fitting bodycon dress to your yoga class, right? Let the armor fit the battle, as it were, and plan practically.

This set of leggings and sports bra, for example, would be a practical choice for a day of running errands, casual meetings (when layered with smarter pieces like your favorite jumper and a skirt), and perhaps a work-out right after. The four-way stretch material of the leggings will mean you stay comfortable whatever the day throws at you.

The monochrome camo print also proves that practical clothes don’t have to be dull.

As we start to think about summer, try out these beach shorts to get some sun on your legs. The silky fabric compliments the athletic style, to make sure you look both sporty and spicy!

If you want a great casual shirt, this embroidered smock-style top is both cute and practical. Its high-quality cotton will keep you comfortable whatever the weather.

Dress to Impress

The old saying of “dressing to impress” still stands true when you want to choose an outfit for the day. Are you seeing someone special or important later in the day? What else would you be doing? It’s important to keep these things in mind so when you hold your head up high and seize your day, you know exactly who it is that you’re presenting.

Take for instance… if there’s a special someone you’re trying to impress, a special outfit is called for. This flowing mini-dress with a deep red rose pattern would be perfect for a romantic meeting, or for ensuring you catch someone’s eye. The deep V-neck and belted waist are flattering and feminine, while the darker color palette is sexy and sophisticated.

If your style is more on the high glam side of things, you could go for something a little more daring like this silky black and gold dress. Its bold print is a certified head-turner, guaranteed to get you a second glance.

Otherwise, these black leather-look high-waisted pants are as sexy as they come. Pair them with your favorite pair heels to make you feel more condifent as they hug your legs comfortably and in a most flattering way, for a truly vampish look.

So whatever look you need – cute, elegant, bold or chilled-out – we’ve got you covered. And now, you know exactly what it is that you need to look for. Shop now and stock up for stylish and great-value outfits for wherever life takes you.