Mila Moursi: The Best Skin Care Brand

At first glance, the Mila Moursi brand exuberates an elegant look and feel, while also providing you with a hint of the luxurious pampering that will soon transpire. The Mila Moursi line of skin & face care products is undoubtedly one of the worlds leading brands, and this is all because of the time, effort, and science that is put into Mila Moursi products. From unboxing your Mila Moursi luxurious skin cream, to the soft glow your face presents after application, you will, without question, LOVE you Mila Moursi products!

What makes Mila Moursi unique is the science, and experience behind the products. Mila was classically trained in Paris in aesthetics and cosmetic chemistry, which is an extremely rare combination of talents. She combines those skills with over 30 years of experience, which makes her a true expert in her field.

I have been fortunate enough to try this fantastic skin care and beauty products below. You can find these and the entire Mila Moursi lineup of luxury beauty products at Click here to get your next Mila Moursi Paris skin care products.

Mila Moursi Ingredients

Mila Moursi offers you a wide range of body and skin care products, including face creams, undereye treatments, body creams, and even skin care solutions just for men. To better understand how these products may affect your skin, we should first dive inside the perfected formulas and their ingredients.


  • Mila Moursi Refining Lotion: Refining Lotion contains a powerful blend of natural fruit acids, soothing botanical ingredients, vitamins and anti-oxidants promote gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and speeds the skin’s natural renewal process. Glycolic Acid gently exfoliates the skin while Clariskin II instantly brightens and refreshes the skin’s surface. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E fight environmental stress on the skin. This clarifying formula leaves skin with a healthy, translucent and youthful skin tone.

After using this fabulous refining lotion, my skin has never felt smoother and nourished. I use this product at night before bed. The directions indicate to apply 4 drops into palm of hand and smooth evenly over face, avoiding eye area. Apply 4 drops to neck and décolleté. Wait 5 minutes before applying appropriate treatment cream. Following those recommendations, I can say this stuff works! If you are ready for the next level, this product will be a must have in your skin care routine. While this may not fit everyone’s skin care budget, it is well worth the investment in yourself. For the results and the benefit it provides to your skin, you owe it to yourself to buy quality skin care, this Mila Moursi Refining Lotion certainly fits that bill. You can find a list of ingredients for this product on the Mila Moursi website.

  • Mila Moursi Oxy Cellular Renewal Cream: A rich treatment cream for dry and devitalized skin, Cellular Renewal Cream helps stimulate cellular regeneration. Oxygeskin restores oxygen into the skin as it brightens and improves radiance. Borage essential oil repairs and hydrates the skin while Rosewood oil’s tissue-regenerating properties helps prevent wrinkles and pre-mature aging. Intensive anti-aging peptides and stem cell cultures rejuvenate the skin and promote cell renewal.


The Oxy Cellular Renewal Cream has been a miracle skin care product. As a 39-year-old male, I attest to this product being a life, or should I say skin saver. The Oxy Cellular Renewal Cream feels extremely soothing on my skin, leaving my skin soft and hydrated. It only takes a little dab of the renewal cream to make my whole face feel wonderful, which is a plus as it will prolong the life of the cream. Again, this may not fit everyone’s budget, but remember, you deserve the best and it’s an investment in your skin. Yourself 10 years from now will thank you for the effort you put in now, trust me. My only quarrel is with myself and why I didn’t find this fantastic renewal cream 5 years ago. You can find a list of ingredients on the Mila Moursi website.

  • Mila Moursi pH Balancing Toner: For those with normal to oily skin, this clarifying toner helps to maintain the skin’s natural balance and allows the products in your treatment program to work much deeper and faster.

This pH Balancing Toner is wonderful as it is non-drying and balanced. This toner produced a significant difference when used consistently over a period of time. This toner really helped my skin to stay balanced and keeps the oil at bay throughout the workday. It leaves your face with a smooth bright look and exfoliates gently as well. The investment may not fit everyone’s budget but ask yourself how much you have wasted in the past on toners that don’t work.

After trying these Mila Moursi products, I can honestly say I love them. My wife even loves them and will be trying some herself. If you’re looking to advance your skin care routine, take my advice and invest in a brand that works, is formulated correctly, and will absolutely leave your skin looking renewed and refreshed. Guys, this goes for you as well. Men all too often neglect their skin and it’s a tough lesson learned as you age. Start a solid skin care routine now with Mila Moursi brand and keep yourself looking young years from now. The cost is that of a higher-end, luxurious brand, but that is exactly what you’re getting. Keep that in mind before you dismiss the brand based on just that. The products have been formulated and designed with very specific goals in mind, they are not a generic formulation that can be found in other brands. In addition to these world-renowned skin care products, Mila Moursi also runs a spa in Hollywood. Visited and endorsed by many celebrities, it has to be right. Hollywood doesn’t mess around with their skin care and neither should you. If you are in the neighborhood here is the contact info:

Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute & Day Spa

9255 Sunset Blvd Suite 102

Los Angeles, CA 90069